About VotextNG Bulk SMS

About Us
Zitito Technologies Limited is an ICT Company with major specialty in Web Development and Web-based Applications.
Our mission is to develop and provide innovative and creative product and services for our clients that will be easy to use, offer optimum convenience and give back real value for their money using the best and cost effective information and communication technologies available.
Our unique product is VotextNG.com - It is an online platform that enables users to buy sms on our platform to send bulk messages and lots more at all times and everywhere they go. The application can also be downloaded directly to the phone for easy and quick access.

Benefits of VotextNG Bulk SMS

 Ο Easy access to SMS for bulk messaging 24/7, any location within and outside Nigeria
 Ο One SMS unit is charged per page to all networks in Nigeria
 Ο SMS unit does not expire
 Ο Ability to send the same or different messages to different recipients at the same time
 Ο Change log-in details by self when necessary
 Ο Ease of registering and logging-in without prior confirmation in mail-box
 Ο Get free sms unit after registration
 Ο Get additional sms unit on first purchase

Areas of Application

 Subscriber can buy SMS onlne on the platform with his/her ATM Card. The ATM Card must have been registered for Internet Banking.