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Load Voucher Card

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Click on ‘Member Menu’
From the list click on ‘VOUCHER’
Enter the Voucher Pin in the box

Buy Bulk SMS Online

Click on ‘Member Menu’
Click ‘BUY SMS’ from the list
Enter the amount of SMS unit in the box
Proceed to payment page

Recharge: Bank Deposit

Make payment into any of our Bank Accounts & send us the payment details - phone: 09097380671, 08162044071 email:

Recharge: Sales Outlets

Purchase VotextNG Bulk SMS Voucher through our Sales Outlets. Click on 'Sales Agent' menu and find the outlet closest sales point to you in Lagos, Ogun, Oyo, Edo and Kwara State where you can get the voucher cards.

Recharge: Online Payment

Login & click on 'Member Menu'
Click on the 'Buy SMS' menu
Enter units & click Buy SMS button
You'll be redirected to the transaction page where you complete the payment

Send Bulk SMS

Log-in & Click 'Compose SMS'
Type Sender ID (max. 11 letter)
Enter Numbers (comma seperated)
Click 'Send SMS'
Or 'Send Later' for later delivery

SMS to Uploaded Contacts

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Click on ‘Compose SMS’
Click on ‘Upload Phone Numbers’ or ‘Send to Group’
Type your Message and Send
Click Send

Upload Phone Number

Type your phone numbers on a notepad or word document separated by a comma on your computer system and save the file
Log-in with your username and password
Click on ‘manage phone book’
From the list, click on upload multiple
Select the file you have saved from your computer system & Click upload record